The N.G.O. network is a platform where non-governmental organizations come together, network and offer support to each other.

We believe that when we come together to do the great things that we do individually, then how much more can we achieve when we come together? We believe in peaceful collaborations and zero competition.


Our Mission

  • To create a platform for the collaboration and networking of NGOs
  • To birth an effective CSO, being the umbrella body of all NGOs
  • To create a database for all active NGOs in Nigeria
  • To establish a unit of NGO network in every state
  • To create a common identity among all NGOs in Nigeria
  • To identify the strength of each NGO and leverage on it towards collaboration and networking
  • To organize programs and events to engage best practices in social development
  • To synergize our strength towards National and international projects with huge socio-cultural impact

Our Vision


  • To be the preferred NGO representative body in Nigeria and diaspora


  • To have a unified voice in the NGO space and unified efforts in intervention


To give back to society

To create awareness of activities of individual and collective NGOs

To source for funds for individual n groups where appropriate

To be a succor to the underserved, Unreached and less privileged/secluded and physically challenged in the society

To train, equip and empower people for a sustainable lifestyle

To promote the UN SDGs

To facilitate SDGs programs

To advocate for social change

To advocate for the right of people who are vulnerable

Gender empowerment and equity

Entrepreneurship and social development

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If you have founded/co-founded an NGO, and would like to connect, collaborate, network, we are open to have you on board. click the link below to get started. 


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