Talking about youth as a panacea towards national development, I would like to begin by saying that the development of a nation is not only dependent on the youth, it begins with every member of the society.

The development of a nation is a collective responsibility and if Nigeria is still where it is today, it is because we have all failed in our collective responsibilities. The first thing to do towards national development is family building. If there is anything that has failed the nation is the standard, morals and values of families. Every society is made up of families and without families, there can’t be a society, talk more of a nation. Every family has its values. Those values are what transient to the society that we live in. Talking about values, what are the values imbedded in us as youth? How has families help to protect the values of a nation?.

As asked earlier, what are the values we have? These values are what determines the development of a nation. One common value that is most predominant in this nation is negativity about our own country. We grow up in a society where the values that are passed on to the next generation are of the belief that Nigeria can’t be better no matter what and the only thing we do is blame our leaders rather than taking action. Another value that makes youth believe that leaving the country is the easiest way to success.

Positive values are the best thing a family can give to the society but how can it be so when the family in short isn’t settled. Most homes are being patched, some broken and some at the verge of breaking.  Only a few percent of families in this nation are stable, coupled with all these facts, how then do we pass the right values which will in turn birth a good society for national development? Family is seen as a major factor to what has failed this nation is because it is the grass root and we are all products of families. When we get it right at the grass root, the tree will grow healthily and the society will develop. Why America is where it is today is because of their values and beliefs that no matter what, America will be great. Until we begin to see Nigeria in the light, we are not anywhere near development.

Another major factor is education. Yes, education. Our education system may be good but is it good enough? It is said that education is the best legacy that you can give to a child and today in Nigeria, we have many educated youths. Education without morals, values and good etiquette like my teacher then Mrs. Popoola would say, is nothing but a waste of time and resources. If we look around us, there are lots of graduates in books with low initiative. Education is not only about going to school and getting certificates, education is personal development. The way we build ourselves, the experience and knowledge we are able to acquire. Without personal development, it is impossible for such a person to contribute to the development of a nation. Well, again, I won’t blame many youth because not everybody can think outside the box. Some need to be pushed and the family which is supposed to do that is failing in this regards. Families of these days are only after giving a child education in books to any level neglecting and disregarding the other part of education. Let’s put an end to this madness about education in books as the best legacy and encourage our youth to learn, acquire new things, develop themselves, think beyond what education in books can offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying education in books is wrong or bad but personal development of every youth is key to national development. If we are able to identify our talent/ability, take up challenges and stop blaming the government, we are on our own way to development. China is not where it is now 30 years down the line but their talent and ability have helped develop the nation. Many of us as at one point in our lives use china products. They are not in way better than us, the only difference is they were able to see beyond education in books that white brought us to and made a difference in the global market. Education in books will only give you certificate but what you’re able to do and contribution you make is what makes a better nation.

Taking it down to the youth themselves, we are called the leaders of tomorrow; we ought to act as one. We need to understand that the future is in our hands and the task is up to us to take it. It is our responsibility to make the nation better than it is now. Yes, our families have failed us, the society has failed us, and even our parents have failed us. It is our responsibility not to also fail the upcoming generation. Let us lay aside every mistakes, every blames, every negativity, every belief and values. We must have had and started being positive about our nation. Let’s believe in ourselves as a nation, love each other, live in unity, read and willing to learn, acquire new skills, develop ourselves, identify our talents, ability to take up new challenges, stop mediocrity; be a fighter, conquer all our fears, be bold and courageous. Youth, it’s time to arise and take up the challenge ahead of us; the development of this nation is in our hands. Our children will ask us how we did it, what happened, why the nation is where it is if we fail to do what we ought to do. Now, then, we won’t also want to live in the old way our parents lived by casting blames of government to the society

We are the society that will transform into the nation of tomorrow. What we do today, will determine where we will be tomorrow. NIGERIAN YOUTHS ARISE!!!!!

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Author: ngonetadmin